Tone Brews


12 Pack #4

Our next 12 pack of Tone Brews is rolling out, and this time we're partnering with our friends at Gathering Place Brewing Company. Stay tuned for great beer and great gear as we expand our tonal palate with new guitars, pedals, and some of Milwaukee's finest brews.


12 Pack #3

Crack open a cold one. This time we've got our Suhr Badger and Tone King amps cranked as we explore more from Death By Audio and the latest from Mythos Pedals. This 12 pack has some incredible guitars too. A custom guitar variety pack featuring James Tyler, Suhr, Ernie Ball, Shabat, Friedman, and more! 


12 Pack #2

Our second pack of Tone Brews feature some heavy tone that goes down smooth. Enjoy a classy pair of Knaggs and a healthy dose of Beetronics pedals. We also double down on Chase Bliss Automatones and see the debut of the Crazy Tube Circuits Super Conductor. Put your feet up for this one. 


12 Pack #1

Our Debut 12-Pack of Tone Brews. See the debut of the Chase Bliss Habit, the smooth Featherweight Suhr Classic S Paulownia, and the great tone of the compact Milkman "The Amp." This collection may start rough around the edges, but by the last drop you'll be ready to crack open the next case. Enjoy responsibly.