12 Pack #4


12 Pack #4

Our next 12 pack of Tone Brews is rolling out, and this time we're partnering with our friends at Gathering Place Brewing Company. Stay tuned for great beer and great gear as we expand our tonal palate with new guitars, pedals, and some of Milwaukee's finest brews.  

Tone Brew #48 | Home Brewing with a Milwaukee Chief 317, Mythos Cestus & Supro Amulet Combo


Tone Brew #47 | Ice Cold James Tyler Studio Elite HD-P with a Mythos Positron Fuzz & Death By Audio Micro Dream


Tone Brew #46 | Rebel Yell(ow) Knaggs Severn XF / Quad Arrow Distortion / Chase Bliss Warped Vinyl


Tone Brew #45 | Tone Brew #45 | The New Brown Sound with a Dunable Gnarwhal, Cornerstone Antique & Ambi Space Reverb


Tone Brew #44 | Arrivederci Roma with Italy's Paoletti Nancy Lounge & Cornerstone Gladio SC Preamp


Tone Brew #43 | Dumbloid Drive With A Splash of Reverb and JM inspired Lockhorn Marquette/h3>


Tone Brew #42 | Spooky Tones with a Beetronics Zzombee, Dunable R2, and Supro Black Magick


Tone Brew #41 | Treffpunkt Tone with an LSL Thinbone, Mythos Mjolnir, and Crazy Tube Circuits TI:ME


Tone Brew #40 | Midwest Chill w/ Lockhorn Instruments, Death By Audio, Crazy Tube Circuits, & Supro


Tone Brew #39 | Rat & Reverb With A Death By Audio Rooms, Rock N Roll Relics Thunders, and a Supro Royale


Tone Brew #38 | Midwest Beach Vibes With Knaggs, Death By Audio, Supro & Tone King


Tone Brew #37 | Shoegaze vs Shoehaze with a BilT Relevator, Mythos Oracle, and CTC Ziggy V2